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Eating habits and lifestyle

A simple test to find out how to live healthier and improve your eating habits.

For a correct interpretation of the results and above all to improve them, contact the person who gave you this test.

Eating habits and lifestyles table

Do you eat a good variety of colorful fruits and vegetables and at least five servings a day? YES NO
Can you avoid fried foods, condiments, sauces, butter and margarine? YES NO
Do you think you are consuming enough dietary fiber in your daily diet? YES NO
Can you keep your weight balanced? YES NO
Do you usually have time to prepare balanced meals? YES NO
Can you avoid sodas and unhealthy snacks (crisps, sweets) throughout the day and after dinner? YES NO
Do you have the energy and concentration necessary to carry out your daily activities without feeling tired? YES NO
Water   n. of glasses Coffee Tea Milk
Cigarettes Alcohol Soda drinks
How do you evaluate your eating habits?
Great Good Messy Very bad
Are you thinking of changing anything?
Si No
Other info:
Decreased Energy Bloating Difficult digestion Stress
- 0%

Fat mass calculation table (*)

Age years
Height cm
Waist circumference cm
Neck circumference cm
Hip circumference cm
Weight Kg
Your Fat Mass Percentage %
Evaluation Men Women
Minimum weight, health hazard 2% - 4% 10% - 12%
Athletic form 6% - 13% 14% - 20%
Good state of fitness 14% - 17% 21% - 24%
Above average 18% - 25% 25% - 31%
Obesity ≥ di 26% ≥ di 32%
(*) The calculated values ​​are approximate and calculated using the Wilmore and Behnke studies.

Fat mass

- 0%

Fat mass

- 0%

Evaluate Body Mass Index (BMI)

Your BMI is : __

From the average values ​​established by the W.H.O. you are: __

The importance of a correct breakfast

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